Real Politik

This page(s) speculate, after thorough analysis, the possible reasons behind the major moves that  politicians make and clearly identifies who could be the front runner for any political race. You can as well call us the trusted street political analysts or the Kamukunji forum or bunge la mwanachi. Through these pages, the common mwananchi can keep track of the behaviors and make the best decision on who to vote for come the election day.  It is important to note that we remain impartial and are not used by any political leaders under any circumstances. The major purpose of the information provided on these pages is to help the common mwananchi make better decisions and not waste votes.


William Ruto: The Next Kenyan President?

Kenya is a very interesting place to live in. A day in politics is a very long time, especially in a country like ours where simple moves by politicians could provide both opportunities and setbacks for an individual’s political career. For some reason, we can never settle down for just development without talking about an election that is still about four years away… more

Of lifestyle audit, stolen billions and 2022 elections: Why politicians need to get it right with corruption.

Former KTN Journalist and currently Nyali MP Hon. Mohammed Ali and Embakasi East MP Hon. Babu Owino were on Citizen Television the other day, talking about the need to move on and serve the people without personal attacks, political grudges and revenge missions. This interview was one of many where politicians have been calling for unity and “forgetting the past” without really focusing on the huge financial dent that the daylight robbers in government circles are making….read more