This is an early childhood digital literacy training program conducted by Information Technology professionals from Impactnet Africa on Early Childhood teachers who are meant to impart Technological skills to children.

It is assumed that majority of teachers who are supposed to teach these children how to handle and get used to computers went to college with computers and know what they are doing. That has proven to be a false assumption. Majority of these teachers never could afford enough school fees to get to computer classes in college apart from the materials they were trained on. That gap needs to be filled.


A teaching force or fraternity without basic computer skills or relevant digital literacy that the early childhood and primary education pupil need to learn from”.


Teach4Teachers will conduct the following activities to ensure this training has the impact for which it was intended. The activities include the following.

  • Conducting a survey to ascertain areas that urgently need this kind of training the most.
  • Conducting the various Training Modules.
  • Conduct knowledge test for the trained teachers to ascertain their level of knowledge and the impact of our training.
  • Creating an online Portal for the training of teachers. This portal will also provide online social media like community space for teachers to interact and share knowledge, which will provide critical data on digital literacy among teachers in Kenya and Africa. This data can be used to easily analyze patterns and notice the places that technology needs to reach for a balanced society.
  • Eventually get a Tech4Teachers bus to facilitate the training and ease the logistical challenges. This will help teachers with practical experience that can easily be transferred to pupils.


  • Goal 01, No Poverty: Tech4Teachers prepares a generation that will use media and technology not only to seek jobs, but create them.
  • Goal 04, Quality Education: Tech4Teachers prepares teachers to ensure that they offer quality to pupils, setting them up for life’s challenges ahead.
  • Goal 08, Decent Work and Economic Growth: Almost 70% of all jobs in the world right now are technology related. This means that the more the individual is skilled in information and technology, the more chances they will have of securing a better job and even use media technology to create a few.
  • Goal 09, Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure: Creation of Jobs is the hallmark of innovation, and now technology makes imagination or innovation become easy to implement.
  • Goal 10, Reduced Inequalities: As mentioned up there, Information Communication and Technology can play a significant role in equalizing opportunities for marginalized groups and communities. With the knowledge of computer technology now freely given to everyone, this gives a chance to any individual from any background to get skills to innovate and solve their problems. It also means that easy and knowledgeable access to computer technology would lead to easy access of vital information or data that would otherwise be very difficult to access.