Dear sons, daughters and friends of Kenya,

This is a humble appeal to all of us…….

Our country is going through a tough time right now. We have a huge wage bill because of huge salaries going to many Kenyan national and local government offices and putting so much burden on the Tax Payer. To make matters worse, we now don’t even have a honest system we can trust to check on our national and local leaders who are looting our resources at a higher rate and employing their girl-friends to national and local offices instead of giving the same fair opportunities to young people who would have otherwise done much better and improved service delivery.

The Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission and the auditor general’s office seem to release reports after reports of huge monies going to private accounts and huge monies spent on projects that in the end are not seen or even help the common mwananchi at the county level. Ethics and Anti-Corruption commission is under the control of the powers that be and have no powers to prosecute those in high government offices.

There’s no one who can now ask President Uhuru Kenyatta to be accountable as we helplessly witness one mega corruption scandal after another. Our 47 Governors now behave like gods who feel like they should be worshiped in order to give services to the common mwananchi. For them, this is an opportunity to loot and to employ their cronies. Some even go the extent of killing those who want to give out information.

Former opposition leader Hon. Raila Amolo Odinga is now hobnobbing with the government and cannot cry foul over the raping of our economy that is going on within government. These are the same people who will come to our villages in 2022 to campaign and splash the cash they have looted to the poor and bribe us to vote for them again. And our last best hope, the fourth estate, the media is busy writing stories that now favor the government (except for the few instances which are glaring) because powerful politicians have decided to purchase them. We no longer have a proper, honest defense against corruption and nepotism in our country now.

The questions we ask then become endless. For example, who is going to check on this sort of coalition government that cannot be held accountable? Who is going to cry foul when one corruption scandal after another hits the headlines and nothing is done? We thank the latest moves by the Office of Public Prosecutions, but how far can Nordin Haji go without political interference? Who is going to ask questions to governors and hold them accountable? Who is going to point out when Governors appoint their cronies to local county offices while leaving out those clearly qualified for the same positions?

We have to come up with a way to deal with corruption and nepotism. We have to come up with a method, a forum where the governors can be checked and questions can be asked. Our leaders must help accountable or they will loot until there is not much left to loot and our children die of hunger. Counties will never grow unless we take action ourselves; we take the initiative and create a forum where we can ask these people questions on every single decision they make and expose their lies for the entire public to see and vote in better leaders in subsequent elections.

The solution is with us and it’s here. It’s called Impact Kenya (www.inpact-kenya.com). Created by Olives Media, a company started by Andrew Omogo (a Kenyan youth who has experienced the horrors of hunger and poverty and risen above it), this is a media broadcasted town hall or conference panel based Live Discussion Forum that will involve both young and old County and National Leaders, our governors being summoned to directly answering questions from you and I, the civil society and chosen public on regular basis.

Impact Kenya will take on the role of questioning both national and county leadership on how they spend our resources and how they get to pick people who manage those resources. We must take the discussion to the people. Town Hall Forums, online discussions, questions and free opinions by us, the people, must be heard by county leaders. We must meet them in forums, look at them in the eye and discuss with them how to govern our counties. It’s the reason Impact Kenya exists.

But in order to do that, we must have resources to develop such a program, that’s why Olives Media needs your help in raising funds to make our journey across the country and public forums from county to county possible. We have created a platform where you will be invited to ask questions to your governor, your senator and your MCA, now we just need funds to keep it going. Your generous giving will go a long way in making sure billions of Kenyan money don’t easily go into private hands but end up on our roads and hospitals and improve our lives.

We need your help to save our counties, and by extension, the whole of Kenya, from going down financially. Our resources must be used to help improve our lives, we must be told those huge borrowing stories and made to understand in simple language, we must not let them keep stealing; we must stop them in their tracks. It all begins with your generous donations. Time to respond to this mess is now or we will one day wake up to find our economic systems dead.

As we work with other non-profits and even investors to raise resources to help with this endeavor, we appeal you, proud son, daughter and friend of Kenya, to help us save our country from looming economic tragedy caused by corruption. Kindly help us raise these resources.

Each of our contributions, however small or big, to PAYBILL NUMBER 891300, & ACCOUNT NUMBER 28278 will go along way in helping continue this project. Which now can be considered the last best hope of getting direct answers from our leader and tackling corruption and nepotism.

We need your help to save our country, we need your help to save Kenya. There’s no one to take care of the interests of the common man. Is just you and I now or they will continue to loot with impunity and leave high and gaspingly dry. We need a secure future for our children and children’s children.


Yours in appreciation,

Andrew Omogo

Patron: Impact Kenya

Founding Director: Olives Media