Jubille Crack

By Andrew Omogo

In politics they say, there are no permanent enemies but permanent interests.  The major interest is always to culminate in the achievement of owning the highest office in any sovereign nation state, The Presidency.  Any politician, aspiring or experienced, at some point, is tempted to make his best calculations on how to achieve this goal.

Some arrive to such positions by strategic campaigns, others by positioning themselves in better places, others by pure democracy and others by making both short term and long term demographic (majorly ethnic based) maneuvers.

In no other country’s political arena is Darwinian Theory of survival for the fittest best experienced than in Kenya. Here, all moves can be used by a politician to achieve whatever their set goals, short term or long term, may be. The end justifies the means, in some cases, even if the loss of life may be necessary.

The nature of Kenyan political parties

The selfish nature of the Kenyan politicians and those who staunchly support them has pretty much determined the nature of our short lived political parties. Our political parties are nothing but vehicles of convenience to attain power after which no one cares how they survive or mentor the next young leaders to take over from those who are leaving office.

Kenyan politics is driven by nothing but greed, ethnocentrism and revolutionary euphoria and every politician, especially near a general election, must come up with a political party, an ideology or a coalition that embodies the three evils, because without the three evils, it’s hard to win an election in Kenya. Sad but true.

So in every election cycle, politicians herd themselves into groups with certain superficial ideologies to quickly create euphoria and have themselves elected back to power without really presented fundamental changes to how they will uplift the lives of the local man and woman.  In such a politically charged environment, it is easy for the unscrupulous, possibly devil worshipping business elite to manipulate the populous by sponsoring both sides of the divide and push their policies, agreements and agenda to the either side that wins once they get to power. So, how do these business elite manage to control both sides? And why do Kenyans seem to have no say much in any meaningful changes that are needed in the country’s economic stratosphere?

The Hegelian Dialectic System

Hegel was a philosopher who believed that you can be a powerful shadow force that can sponsor or front two opposing entities (thesis and antithesis) to fight against each other in order for either one of the entities to win after a bruising battle or the two sides to injure each other well and then come up with a compromise (synthesis). Either way; the side that wins or the synthesis that is created usually follows a per-determined agenda by the shadow force. Which means one way or another, the common mwananchi or the sheeple is just taken through a nearly or fully euphoric or violent controlled mindset determining process to do the will of the shadow evil master behind the entire game.  It’s happening with Democrats and the Republicans in the United States and Jubilee and NASA in Kenya.

In Kenya, we hurriedly put political coalitions of convenience together that follow the Hegelian Dialectic Principles to acquire power. Once the election process is over, cycles of mistrust between leaders will begin again, realignment will occur and then new euphoric, ethnic based, superficially ideologized coalitions will be formed to go through the next campaigns and subsequent elections. Both of these opposing entities will off course be funded by shadow, potentially devil worshiping business entities that will demand their loans through infrastructure based contracts once a win or a synthesis has been determined. It’s on this foundational argument alone that I believe Jubilee as a political party or NASA as a coalition will not survive beyond 2032.

Ethnic Calculations

Euphoria, Negative Ethnicity and greed, unless rooted out, will always determine the outcome of elections in Kenya. Jubilee Political Party (JP) was hurriedly formed on the eve of the 2013 general elections to help two people acquire power and use state resources to fight their cases at the International Criminal Court at The Hague in Netherlands. The fear of two sons of major ethnic blocks, one son of founding father of Kenya and another son of the Samoei anti colonial movement spending the rest of their lives in jails in Europe inspired midnight meetings that would ensure state machinery would be captured to bolster defense from prosecution and apparently glaring evidence. The disciples of Philosopher Hegel swooped in to ensure they would cash in on the predicament of these two new found friends and continue building their shadow business empires.  Against such, the soon to be former Prime Minister Raila Amolo Odinga never stood a chance.

Then proverbially, public policy and political analyst Mutahi Ngunyi would bring in the theory of tyranny of numbers to legitimize a necessary strategy to help these two friends of ours survive cases and bolster their political muscle. From then on our Kalenjin and the Kikuyu brothers, with their votes and economic power, would do everything through this platform to save Kenya from possible international embarrassment. And it worked.

The Raila Factor

Raila Factor 1Then there has always been one Raila Amolo Odinga, a tool of the foreign Hegelian Dialectic System that has always been used to destabilize Kenya, bring us back to our economic knees and force a synthesis that would take us back to begging for loans from the Breton woods institutions (World Bank, IMF and IFC).  While former President Kibaki in his first term, on one Jamhuri day, stood up and confidently said that Kenya did not need any more loans from the Breton Woods Institutions, some secret agents were busy planning ways they could use the Hegelian Dialectic System to bring down the Kenyan economy back to levels that they would dictate with their enslaving financial agreements.

And at this moment, Raila Amolo Odinga, with his unpredictable enigmatic moves and euphoria mobilization skills would be needed to achieve this goal. One has to first create the chaos and then use human rights as an excuse to bring in weird financial solutions to help the country get out of the doldrums which they orchestrated. Well the sporadic violence happened, the diplomats came in and reinforced their heroism and the most appreciated and yet most complicated constitution was the result in 2010.

First forward to 2013, Uhuru and Ruto would again go through the same Hegelian Dialectic System, Sacrifice Mudavadi and win the elections. Stolen, rigged or not, history simply records it as a win which enabled them to form a government. Raila was left scrambling with a campaign that now only had ethnic minorities behind him without major resources that would mount to formation of the next government.

Then to 2017, even while collecting the scrambles to form NASA, he would never acquire power because in Africa, the power of incumbency is never defeated, unless in countries which have woken up like Ghana. This fight for political power off course, would not go down without shading of blood of innocent people like Christopher Musando and the many young people that would die in Kawangware, Kisumu, and Mathare just to mention a few.

Now that he has realized he could not acquire power by force, and his close allies were making amends with his rivals behind the scenes, and to protect his business empire, he had to get back to the government by edifice (compromise), culminating in what we now know as the “The Handshake” and “Build Bridges Initiative”.

Raila is known to make moves that bring everyone else to level playing field and make sure he benefits in the process. This handshake is now causing major trouble in Jubilee, rearrangements are going on, lifestyle audits are being orchestrated, smear campaigns are now the order of the day and every politician is afraid.  And because Jubilee was formed on foundation of Sand (ICC, negative ethnicity, convenience and mistrust), it will not survive Raila’s maneuvers and counter maneuvers.


In the Biblical verse of Mark 3:24, Christ specifically explains that a Kingdom divided against itself cannot stand. There’s no way that rivals in a political party or the same government looking to outwit the other can stay in peace or be united. If TNA is corrupt and URP is corrupt and both try to outdo each other, there’s no way that Jubilee can stand. Because one individual is trying to take a spec out of one brother’s eye while he has a plunk in his own.  And why would we forget the Hegelian disciples who will prey on the mistrust to make sure they continue to score big and leave Kenyans in perpetual poverty?

“Our turn to eat” is the modus operandi in all Kenyan regimes, previous and present and unless the fight against this evil is sincere, no milestone will be achieved and our culture of corruption and short cut to wealth and power will just continue.

A regime that is constantly being accused of corruption will only create mistrust among its lieutenants and branding Jubilee as a clean political entity come 2022 may become very difficult, hence the emergence of the cracks and potential collapse before 2022.

The state and politically Controlled Media

It is curious to note that several journalists (opinion leaders) have shifted camp from one media house to another, looking for more lucrative deals. Word has it that the Deputy President has bought Governor Granton Samboja’s stake at a local media firm and is now offering mouthwatering deals to journalists to prepare them for proprietorial influence in independent editorial and broadcast decision making process from now on through to the 2022 elections.

And little is still known about Cambridge Analytica; a British based private and eugenic media firm that was supposedly recruited by President Uhuru Kenyatta and his close friends to manipulate the perception of would be voters through social media and lead them to particular decisions. Social Media has been taken over by cheap bloggers whose work is to disseminate either false or heavily skewed information to manipulate the support bases of politicians, especially those in power.

With such media, political parties always find themselves in positions where they have to defend themselves from malicious attacks or look inwardly to find out who could be releasing information. Such mistrust alone may make Jubilee collapse. Sensational creation of news that grabs attention can only fuel mistrust and eventual division.

2022 Elections

And this is the most important reason of all. There is this thinking from some quarters, both in the government and in the opposition, that Jubilee as a political party may not survive in an environment where people easily get exhausted with political parties after one or two terms. The Hierarchical power inheritance system within it simply means that factions may emerge based on who they support, particularly for the position of deputy presidency, which could go to Murang’a or Tharaka Nithi County. The deputy president is now on high alert because the pact of 2013 and 2017 may seem to be crumbling. Now for him, everyone is on the level playing field and he has to mobilize resources afresh, both man and material to fully acquire power. This may need a new political entity with lieutenants he can fully trust as Jubilee has become too crowded.


So no matter how many delegations are sent to China, Cuba and South Africa to learn about the dominance of the communist political parties there, there will not be much progress in a political party whose foundation came out of the the ashes of Violence, ICC cases, negative ethnicity (tyranny of numbers), fear of Raila Odinga, Ethnic aristocracy and Corruption.  For Raphael Tuju and politicians under this party, the sooner they find new political vehicles for their next elections, the better.