Have you or your company ever heard of tech based investing or investment network marketing? Welcome to the brave new highly beneficial fintech world. Once in a while, a company comes up with the best way to give the common men and women like you and I an opportunity to be part of wealth making while pursuing 21st century technological innovations that have the potential to raise billions of dollars in personal wealth and income. Such an opportunity is rare in a surprisingly fast paced technological world. That’s why when the opportunity beckons; the brilliant opportunist will see them from a far and grab them before information reaches everyone, the benefits of being an early adopter.

So many opportunities have come by that most of us wish we could have grabbed before they were ever known. Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Tesla, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn to name but a few,  have made the common investor that believed in them early enough extremely rich, while making their inventors extremely wealthy. Such an opportunity has arrived again with Igniter100, a company based in London with an innovative fintech hub with the potential to make billions in the very nearest future. And once again, the brilliant opportunists will grab this opportunity and those that are skeptical will remain behind as their brothers and sisters get rich.

What is Igniter100?

Igniter100 was founded in August 2017 by two successful businessmen, Chief Financial Officer Abdul Rehman and COO Florian Kruger in London, United Kingdom. The Company registration number 10920141 and VAT registration number is GB281458192. Igniter100 owns a Technology Incubator in London that funds several startups that have already shown a clear track record of faster growth to market dominance. Igniter100 invest in an ecosystem with various industries including Fintech, Ecommerce, Transportation, Energy, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and SAAS.

Whats is Igniter100

Companies contact details and advisers

Igniter100 has heavily invested in 93 external internal and 3 internal projects. These include Igniter Academy, Igniter Pay, You Rent, Aladin, Bizpad, Krypto Change, Fingo Pay, Celo, Poly Solar, Vitl, Harts Group, Flesky, Feedr, Nebeus, Emoov, 99 Home, Plum, Mappix, Babb, Qured, Go Henry, Picfair and Pack’d just to mention afew. Most of these projects have been generating profits gradually and are on their way to market dominance. An investment in Igniter100 would be an investment into the above owned companies. Igniter100 is set to make an initial Public offering at the London Securities Exchange in March of 2021. Below is the list of the corporate team.

Corporate Team

In making sure that every private company or individual interested becomes part of their already showing signs of success, Igniter100 has invented and partnered with Solmax Global, an international network marketing platform that interacts with investors and implements an aggressive compensation plan that benefits and pleases each individual investor.

At Solmax Global, they have one clear aim: to create a business that sees the entire community working together for continued financial rewards. In order to achieve this objective, they aim to include you in every aspect of the business; an utterly new and innovative business model. There are three ways of earning money with the Solmax Global Platform. Kindly read and see which one suit you best based on your current situation, whether with money or without money, hard work pays with Igniter100.

Guaranteed business or Individual Investor Earnings

Solmax Global will pay an investor a guaranteed daily dividend of between 1% and 2% of investments for 200 days. This means at the end of the payment period, the individual is set to double or even quadruple their investment. This is guaranteed whether the investor chooses to invite others into his or her networks or not. Below is the investment packages that can help you calculate earnings on your investment.

Investment Network Marketing Bonuses  

For those who have a huge network of colleagues, are good at investment network marketing and would be willing to work hard to grow their income, Investment Network Marketing Bonuses would be the ideal path to take on the road to building a stable income and wealth. Below are the investor network bonuses that would the individual investor to immense wealth.

Direct Bonus: Solmax Global pays you 10% direct bonus for every new investor that you successfully introduce to Solmax Global.As soon as the referral process is successful and this new investor becomes part of Solmax Global, you out rightly earns 10% of the new investor’s investment. This 10% is also called referral bonus and is part of the 1% to 2% paid daily to you. To earn this amount, kindly make sure that the new investor registers under your referral link either on the Team A or on the Team B.

Network Bonus: In addition to the above, Solmax Global pays you 10% of your weaker team. This bonus is paid weekly. As an investing account holder with Solmax Global, you have a network of teams either Team A or Team B of your network. Solmax Global provides referral links for both sides. Impactnet Africa, at the end of this article has provided the same. You can choose to grab the opportunity on either side. At the end of the week, in the process of investment, should either one of the teams under your network end up with less investment, Solmax Global will pay you 10% of their entire effort for that particular weak. It simply means therefore that every week, you get paid from your teams efforts.

Matching Bonus: First you need to be matching bonus qualified for this type of earning.Minimum required for this is an executive level, with two direct referred executives in each line. In simple terms, how many wealthy friends do you know that would be willing to invest in your network? You can always take equity tokens for (directly invest) about 500 British Pounds or refer two individuals that can invest the same amount to register and invest within your network. Now this matching bonus will be 2% daily payment of your team’s direct bonus and Network bonus up to 12 generations.

Global Pool Bonuses: Now, this is where early entry and investing critically matters.This earning is country based, for example if you are in the top crème or early network distributors or marketers for your country. This means you could be earning from either a huge network within your country or almost benefit from the entire country’s network. This bonus right here explains why if you want to invest with Igniter100, the earlier the better, because once its known in a particular environment, the individual investor may not benefit much from the network since everyone would have seen how lucrative Solmax Global is and would have rushed in.

At this level, all the bonuses earned are network bonuses since this depends on how huge an individual’s network is within a country. The bonuses include Producer club (1% for the top ten producers), President Club, (2% for world sales just for being in the top rank of those introducing many wealthy people into their network) and The Executive Club (for being either among the top Solmax Global Investment marketer in your country or investing in big personal resources).

Ranks and Position Bonuses: All bonuses are paid 75% into cash account and 25% into trading account.

Impactnet Africa Bonuses: Sharing this article with your network could earn you 0.0036 points worth of Impactnet Africa Investment Tokens or £0.036 for every referral that registers with the Solmax Global Impactnet Africa Investment Account. It simply means that just sharing this article alone could earn you money. Read on for further explanation.

Lucrative Initial Public offering at the London Stock Exchange

For the investor that may not be interested in all the lucrative opportunities above but is just interested in earning at the London stock exchange, here is an opportunity for you. You can simply buy shares and lock them, forget about any other efforts and wait to earn much from Igniter100 Initial Public Offering that will be launched at the London Securities Exchange in March 2021.

The potential earnings for Igniter100 shares are listed as the following; 

  • Package 1: £50 =384 Shares. Estimated value when listed is £2304
  • Package 2: £100 =770 Shares. Estimated value when listed is £4620
  • Package 3: £250 = 1924 shares Estimated value when listed is £11 544
  • Package 4: £500 =3846 Shares. Estimated value when listed is £23 076
  • Package 5: £1000 =7692 Shares. Estimated value when listed is £46 152
  • Package 6: £2500 =19 230 Shares. Estimated value when listed is £115 380
  • Package 7: £5000 = 38 460 Shares. Estimated value when listed is £230 760

The minimum and maximum entry for investment or investment network marketing

The minimum entry depends heavily on the path of investment one would like to take. There are three approaches to investing with Igniter100.

  1. Guaranteed individual investor earnings. This involves buying Igniter100 Equity Tokens, beginner level worth £25 while the maximum level worth £25,000+.
  2. Investor Network Bonuses: You may not have any money to begin with, but have a huge network either on social media, your meetings or your phone book. Introduction to potential investors on your network would just be another guaranteed way of earning an income.
  3. Locking investment for the London Stock Exchange Initial Public Offering. This involves simply buying the initially offered Igniter100 shares. The minimum entry for this approach is Package 1 worth £50 while the maximum is package 7 worth £5000.

Benefits of investing with the Solmax Global Impactnet Africa Investment Network

As soon as we at Impactnet Africa discovered this lucrative opportunity, we realized that the youth could easily use this rare opportunity to raise resources for all stagnant but potentially highly profitable projects, initiate potential million dollar businesses and make their dreams come true.

Impactnet Africa Corporate banner

And that is what Impactnet Africa is about, making innovative young people’s dreams come true by investing in their innovative solutions. We believe that innovators’ technological solutions can be the best way to break biggest deadlocks in public policy across Africa and earn innovators in Africa some much needed income. From creating robust technologically dependent accountability, ecommerce and fintech systems, to simple electronic voting platforms, young people can initiate great changes in governance and major public policy services around Africa and to some extend the entire world.

You registering at Solmax Global with us as investor will help support your own young innovative brothers and sisters that desire very much to take their projects to the next level even as you make your own wealth. The idea is a win win and perhaps the biggest break to the youth unemployment problem in Africa.

As Impactnet Africa introduces this idea to you, we very much appreciate that as an investor or an investment network marketer within Solmax Global, your contribution to our success will not only benefit us but benefit you as well. That’s why your entry into Solmax Global and Igniter100 should be through the Solmax Global Impactnet Africa Investment account.

The benefits for every investor or investment network marketer that joins through Solmax Global Impactnet Africa Investment Account are huge and include the following.

  • Impactnet Africa allows investment for both individual, corporate or single small to midsize businesses accounts. We work with both individual investors and companies. This means that a small to midsize company can chose to put their investments through Solmax Global Impactnet Africa Investment Account and slowly raise money for priority projects.
  • In a nutshell, an investment into the into the Solmax Global Impactnet Africa Investment Account will earn the individual or the business at least a straight 20% at the end of every month until the individual dies (for the individual account), or the business is dissolved (for the business account). There could be more percentage earnings, its not fixed, but the baseline is 20% of investment each month.
  • While Solmax Global pays you at least 20% each month for the next 9 months and continue with the bonuses mention up there, Impactnet Africa will take over the payment responsibilities from where Solmax Global has left off and will pay you 20% per month of your initial investment as long as you are alive or as long as your business shall continue to exist.
  • Minimum investment into Solmax Global Impactnet Africa Investment Account is £25 for the smart accountThis is worth a single Token for Igniter100 and it’s also worth 5 Tokens for Impactnet Africa. Impactnet Africa’s investment token is calculated at £5 per token.
  • The maximum investment for Solmax Global Impactnet Africa Investment Account is £25,000+. This will result into 262.5 (5% Solmax Global awarded on top of the 250) Tokens for the first 9 months and then 5, 000 Impactnet Africa tokens until you die.
  • A designed Solmax Global Impactnet Africa T-shirt for those that Invest with £500 or more.
  • Inclusive of the benefits above, alert on any good tech based idea that an investor or the investment network marketer may desire to pursue for £25,000+ worth of investments or an investment network worth the same amount.
  • Granting employment opportunities for that investor or the investment network marketer that puts in either £25,000+ or an investment network worth the same amount.
  • Full access to all contacts, investment details and all facilities Impactnet Africa has or will be involved with in the future for that investor or the investment network marketer that puts in £25,000+ worth of investments or investment network.

How do you get involved?

Step 1: Register with the Solmax Global Impactnet Africa Investment Account. You can join either of the following teams.

Step 2: Contact us if you have any questions or need a clarification. Reply depends on backlog of requests.

Step 3: Make your investment if you have understood the scenarios, have the resources and are ready to begin your path to financial freedom.

Step 4: Fill the investment form to award Impactnet Africa share tokens to the link that introduced you to this article or opportunity.

Step 5: Share this article or opportunity with your entire network and earn straight referral benefits.

Step 6: Subscribe to Impactnet Africa as we have many worthy platforms being developed, business opportunity that you may want to invest in and make money.

Step 7: Watch this video to get further information you may need.