dusit hotel terror attack

By Andrew Omogo

Strong Disclaimer: This is a personal opinion, theory and conclusion just based on connected dots and thoughts, not any evidence presented. It cannot be used as a legal argument or basis in any investigation or court proceedings.

Now the story: This is a foreign thinking at this time of grief that may not be welcomed by Kenyans at first but might be proven to be right later.

For those who have followed the history of terror attacks in the United States, particularly those who have watched the 9/11 investigative internet block buster known as “Loose Change” and “Invincible Empire- A New World Order Defined” both done by Jason Barmas, something obviously and oddly begins to smell familiar if you compare recent headlines in the Kenyan Newspapers versus what happened yesterday.

Now, Hegelian Dialectic thinking is a framework for guiding thoughts and action into conflicts that lead to synthetic solutions which can only be introduced once those being manipulated take a side that will strongly support or push forward or advance the pre-determined agenda. CONTROLLED OPPOSITION, PROBLEM, REACTION, SOLUTION.

In history, it has always been known that the ruling elite worry about nothing more than the perception of the populous, which can increase political and emotional temperatures and lead to a revolution. So, in order for the elite to rule the mindset of the populous with absolute support, perception has to be created and recreated again to galvanize a nation towards a particular patriotic agenda and quickly forget that which was important in the first place.

When I heard that the lead Dusit Hotel terror attack suspect shown in the captured footage was one of the masterminds of the 2013 Westgate Mall attack released just this week for lack of evidence, something began to be very smelling very fishy.

And that same something tells some of us that the investigations into this attack by the Directorate of Criminal Investigations and the Anti-Terrorism Unit will not go well because there will obviously be “lack of evidence” and soon, the forgetful Kenyans will move on to “more important or juicy political stuff”.

But the agenda of the attack would have been achieved either way. And what was the agenda? Now let’s discuss that. The last headlines in the National Newspapers and the Kenyan Media have to some extent or degree carried nothing else but the stories of an elite class that is now united in corruption and aristocracy drunk in power and the necessity for the public to come up with some alternative solution to already worrying levels of bad governance.

Not forgetting the issue with potential ethnic divisions, polarization that had already started simmering in some parts of the country because of the alleged temptation for high level political betrayal come 2022. Had this perception been allowed to continue, various groups of Kenyans would have only pulled in different direction despite the efforts of Build Bridges Initiative between the top three politicians of this country. Something had to be done to deflect the blame and the pressure somewhere else and to galvanize Kenyans towards something more serious and more patriotic.

Some of us have started to strongly believe, even though we may not have the evidence or be able to empirically connect the dots yet, that this attack could have been orchestrated by senior levels, operatives or cadres of our current ruling class to deflect the pressure of accountability to something else and give them a breathing room.

The blame game off course has already begun. Some members of the Al Shabaab have “already taken responsibility” and a certain capital senator was quoted this morning in some national radio station blaming the courts for the release of a major terrorist suspect apparently for “lack of evidence”.

It is also very curious to note that all the terrorists had to die, leaving none to testify as to the links and the initial planning of the whole attack. But all over the media, Kenyans are responding to the tunes of “We are one”, “We are brave”, “and No terrorist attacks can brake us” and so forth. It seems to some of us that the “Handshake” and “building bridges initiative” was not having an enough effect so a few lives had to be sacrificed for Kenyans to forget perennial issues of grand national corruption, the repeated, polarizing, potentially violent looming tribal politics and the overwhelming national debt to focus on something more drastic, life threatening and more uniting.

We know that Al Shabaab has been trying to attack us, but most of those attacking plans have been uncovered and thwarted easily by the well informed and well-funded and grounded security agencies before they are executed. But why this one now? And why in this manner? The police, coupled with the elite, are now receiving much praises from every corner of the republic.

When President George W. Bush and the ruling elite in the United States could not get the general public and the congress to pass the Martial Law and the Patriot Act, something needed to be done and off course was done to get the public reeking with fear to urge the congress to pass both bills, bills that are known by human rights advocates and international groups to have really infringed on the basic rights and fundamental freedoms of the common freedom loving and freedom seeking American.

The 9/11 attack would later be used in 2003 to wage an unending war in both Iraq and Afghanistan, a war that has proven costly in the lives of many soldiers and innocent civilians it has taken and millions, if not billions of the tax payer’s dollars that have been wasted.

For the Kenyan case, this attack and the media coverage it has generated may prove to be a very good business for the ruling elite in terms of one, the focus and the patriotic unity the elite desperately need to effect on Kenyans, the millions of dollars that will be received from international agencies to continue with the war on terror, and a forgetful Kenyan population whose mind would have been refocused to unity, prayer and hard work instead of seeking ways and means to hold a united corrupt elite accountable.

For the ordinary Kenyan being manipulated, the level of pain for the loss of life and property is unimaginable. May the good Lord Jesus Christ comfort those who have lost their loved ones, keep the gone souls rested in peace on the dust below until He returns and take away our fear. We remain strong despite these desperate heinous acts by some evil people to cause distraction and deflect attention from important national issues.

As Kenyans, we must not let this attack make us forget about the real issues. We must stay focused and we must hold the united, corrupt elite accountable for their economic crimes and the war on corruption must be intensified. (Headline Photo Courtesy of Bangkok Post)