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Have you ever heard of tech based investing or investment network marketing? Welcome to the brave new highly beneficial fintech world. Once in a while, a company comes up with the best way to give the common men and women like you and I an opportunity to be part of wealth making while pursuing 21st century technological innovations that have the potential to raise billions of dollars in personal wealth and income. Read More

Deadly Cancer: The Kenyan Situation

I love to tell stories. But, there’s one story I always avoid to tell. In 2012, I lost my granny. All I knew was that she succumbed to stomach related problems. I knew so little about her health condition. I could see my dad and his siblings and the entire family ever taking turns to go visit her in the hospital. Read More

Corruption is the Kenya Government’s lifestyle

Corruption in Kenya is rife from the top echelons of government to the grassroots level of public service and other organs of government. It affects all ministries of national government (and recently ‘devolved’ to the county governments). The National Police Service (NPS), for example, is often declared the most corrupt institution of government. It has been accused of taking bribes and kickbacks from offenders (the wealthy and the poor alike) in order to subvert the course of justice. Read More

‘Everyone Is Corrupt in Kenya, Even Grandmothers’

When the African press reported that Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe, not a leader known for his austere spending habits, had warned his generals against allowing his country to become “like Nigeria and Kenya, where you have to reach into your pocket to get anything done,” the reaction in East Africa’s biggest economy was one of derision. Read more 

Hegelian Dialectic System at Work: A second look at the Dusit Hotel Terrorist Attack

For those who have followed the history of terror attacks in the United States, particularly those who have watched the 9/11 investigative internet block buster known as “Loose Change” and “Invincible Empire- A New World Order Defined” both done by Jason Barmas, something obviously and oddly begins to smell familiar if you compare recent headlines in the Kenyan Newspapers versus what happened yesterday. Read More

Why Mwangi Kiunjuri is a worried Man

Mashujaa Day is a time for celebrating heroes of the past, the recent and the present for the little or major positive contributions they’ve made to Kenya. It is not easy to say however, whether Agriculture Cabinet Secretary Mwangi Kiunjuri can at this point in time consider himself one of those heroes. Read More

Kisumu, Homabay Audits reveal flaws in Resource Management

According to the recent audit and survey released by the Ethics and Anti Corruption Commission, Kisumu and Homabay counties have been identified to suffer from mismanagement of resources due to cases of open disregard for procurement regulations and financial management laws, among a host of other flaws. Read More

Former Mayor Sentenced to death over corruption

Zhang Zhongsheng, former vice mayor of Lyuliang City in north China’s Shanxi Province, was sentenced to death on Wednesday for taking bribes, the Intermediate People’s Court of Linfen in Shanxi Province said…read more

Of lifestyle audit, stolen billions and 2022 elections: Why politicians need to get it right with corruption.

Former KTN Journalist and currently Nyali MP Hon. Mohammed Ali and Embakasi East MP Hon. Babu Owino were on Citizen Television the other day, talking about the need to move on and serve the people without personal attacks, political grudges and revenge missions. This interview was one of many where politicians have been calling for unity and “forgetting the past” without really focusing on the huge financial dent that the daylight robbers in government circles are making….read more

Coast Members of Parliament explain why they missed the Raila event

ODM MPs who missed a meeting chaired by party leader Raila Odinga on Monday on Tuesday downplayed their absence…..Read more

William Ruto: The Next Kenyan President?

Kenya is a very interesting place to live in. A day in politics is a very long time, especially in a country like ours where simple moves by politicians could provide both opportunities and setbacks for an individual’s political career. For some reason, we can never settle down for just development without talking about an election that is still about four years away… more