Former vice mayor of China’s Lyuliang City sentenced to death for corruption

Corruption Case 1

Courtesy of CGTN

Zhang Zhongsheng, former vice mayor of Lyuliang City in north China’s Shanxi Province, was sentenced to death on Wednesday for taking bribes, the Intermediate People’s Court of Linfen in Shanxi Province said.

According to the court, Zhang received bribes in cash and property worth a total of 1.04 billion yuan (165 million US dollars) from 1997 to 2013. Apart from being sentenced to death, Zhang has also been deprived of all his political rights for life and all of his properties are forfeited.

May be legislation like this can help Kenya if the Executive, the Judiciary and most importantly, the legislature is serious in fighting corruption. A death sentence for a crime involving corruption could actually scare off our politicians who sleep fantasizing at stealing the moment they get into public offices.

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