This is an integrated, global online platform that provides all online electoral services and public policy based information for all democracies world-wide. With this platform, the electronic electoral process is even much better than what is currently used in the United States. With this system, all a registered Voter needs is a PC or a 3G Cellphone and Internet and they can register and vote from anywhere in the world.

Specifically, the site does the following

  1. Conducts authentic individual and party registration
  2. Conducts voter verification
  3. Conducts elections, results authentication and publishing
  4. Compares its results with that of the country’s electoral authority to see which results are right to ensure the public has full access to authentic results.
  5. Conducts polling services
  6. Offers proper formal Campaign platform to political candidates for their promotional activities.
  7. Conducts investigation of and lists authenticated sources of information that people can trust. By doing this, we enhance transparency on how manifestations of hate speech and other forms of intolerance are addressed online. Every sources of publishing authentic information will have to be constantly monitored and verified by this platform.
  8. The verified list is then forwarded to social media platforms for authentication.
  9. The sources of publishing misleading information that we deem radical and dangerous is also forwarded to various social media platforms for black listing or flagging.
  10. Verifies whether any information released on any social media platform is false or accurate quickly before the misinformation spreads (Its important to note that Voteller only gets involved with politically aligned, public policy based or public safety based information).

This platform has the following advantages that are currently not being offered anywhere.

  1. Any registered voter can vote from anywhere in the world
  2. All a registered voter needs is a working personal computer or a 3G cellphone and internet.
  3. All registered voter information is thoroughly verified and authenticated.
  4. All data is accessed at an interface level by any registered voter (member of our platform) and automatically calculated by internal artificial intelligence, rooting out any form of electoral malpractice. With this, we will looking at the end of election rigging.
  5. The site monitors and responds to the proliferation of disinformation by verifying whether any politically related information on other platforms is true or whether people should ignore it.
  6. Citizens registered on Voteller can only see political activities of their country.

For the sake of fear of copyright infringement and product patenting safety, the protocols for the development of this platform has been kept secret by ImpactLab and Olives Media as startup experiments still continue, until we formally launch the platform.