The Sustainable Development Goals that this program Supports

  • SDG One: No Poverty
  • SDG Ten: Reduced Inequalities
  • SDG Sixteen: Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions


  1. Young People whose energy would have now been averted from violent extremism to focus on more positive life goals and contribute to United Nations Millennium Development Goals.
  2. All Kenyans who will experience peace and tranquility because of young people whose energy has been incorporated in political leadership, governance and overall building of Kenya.


  1. To contribute to the United Nations Millennium Development Goals
  2. To encourage the youth to get into political leadership
  3. To sensitize leaders who have been in politics for a long time and encourage them to give young people a chance to lead.
  4. To sensitize the government to appoint more young people into positions of prominence and responsibility.
  5. To the encourage entrepreneurship among the youth.
  6. To redirect the thinking of the youth from violent activities into more strategic thinking to come up with innovative solutions to Kenya’s political problems.


  1. Increased number of youth leaders vying for political posts across the country in every elections.
  2. An increased number of young people to possibly all young people starting their own innovative enterprises.
  3. An energetic, vibrant government led by innovative, enthusiastic and energetic positive mindset of the youth.
  4. A country that has youth led enterprises offering jobs to fellow youth.
  5. A peaceful Kenya with much less likely occurrence of violence related to elections.


  1. The Live Broadcasted Town Hall Forum (details)
  2. The National Correspondence Network (details)
  3. Community Based Organization (CBO) Community Mobilization (details)
  4. Development of Short Documentaries on regions of concern (In this case, counties) (details)
  5. Informal Youth led leadership and entrepreneurship training and discussion seminars.
  6. Development and maintenance of YLB: Young Leader Board is an artificially intelligent platform where the youth share information on how to campaign for leadership and use the cheapest means to get their policies proposals well understood among the electorate and win democratic contests.

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