One of the biggest problems in Sub Saharan Africa that has caused many deaths is lack of access to timely information and data when needed to either stop spread of diseases, know how to combat a particular infection or have a quick understanding of available health facilities and their capability to tackle the prevailing health challenge. The program we have created is majorly data and information driven program.

Sustainable Development Goals Supported by this program include:

  • SDG One: No Poverty
  • SDG Ten: Reduced Inequalities
  • SDG Three: Good Health and Well Being


  1. The main beneficiaries of the project will be the regular citizens of the County Government. These are the mothers, children and other vulnerable communities that should easily access health care.
  2. The Central government that will now find it easier to provide medical services to citizens.


    1. To make available information on health care activities and facilities in Kenya and perhaps world wide.
    2. To make easily available timely information for people on the nature of and prevalence of diseases.
    3. To explore data science approaches to improve maternal and child health in Africa.
    4. To store health data, majorly diagnostics for health meta data purposes and analyze disease spread patterns. This can be very critical in understanding how to counteract the spread of pandemic
    5. To create platforms that improve the impact of health campaigns.
    6. To constantly update a simple technological interface with all current health information that the public may need to access to facilitate quick response to community health activities and campaigns.


  • Reduced number of deaths of women and children.
  • Increased number of health facilities in areas where there were previously few to none.
  • A population that can easily understand how to handle simple health procedures.
  • Easy stopping of pandemics
  • Easy access to information on hygiene and self care
  • A population that is well educated to know how to handle Pharmaceutical drugs.


  1. The National Correspondence Network (details)
  2. Community Based Organization (CBO) Community Mobilization (details)
  3. Development of Short Documentaries on regions of concern ( In this case, counties) (details)
  4. Development and Comparison of County health surveys.
  5. Development and maintenance of GeoHealth: An artificially intelligent platform that easily provides information on, health facilities, how to access health services and the prevailing capability of a region to handle any health challenges, especially the break out and spread of pandemics.

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