Uhuru and Raila 2

When a country goes through one unsolved episode of a huge corruption case after another, when all we know of and here about is nepotism and impunity of local and national leaders, when we have long forgotten about structures and accountability, when all we do is politik instead of focusing on grass roots and real economic development, then we realize that we may sink to the lowest of low unless the tidal wave of corruption and nepotism is stopped somehow and leaders are returned back to the culture of PROMOTING ACCOUNTABILITY IN GOVERNANCE.

Welcome to Impact Kenya, the platform where a group of young people have decided to respond to the tidal wave of corruption and nepotism especially at the lower local governance structures to ensure that leaders stem impunity and are constantly accountable to the electorate.

This is where we ask the questions, where we get the figures right, where we critically analyze every decision made in a county and national office and agency and where we seek to find the true reflection and impact of the much publicized economic growth in the lives of the common man.

Together we will travel the journey of ensuring leaders serve our interests, together we will fight for the equal sharing of the national pie. Together we will unite to eradicate the evils of impunity and together, we will finally elect leaders who will care about our issues and not their own private agenda.


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