We have a country, we have a government that cares at least, we have a proper constitution, we have a peaceful society with rights and freedoms, we have leaders, and we have young people willing to work hard to accomplish their set dreams and targets and contribute to the well-being of our country. For all these, ladies and gentlemen of this Republic of Kenya, lets thank God.

Now all we need is to recognize a few fact based points to realize where we are and where we are going as a people. Once we have such facts, we can face the truth and then humbly, softly and with brotherly love solve the problems that we constantly face.

One undeniable truth we need to face is this: Our country is bleeding, and that’s the truth. We are bleeding thanks to the cancers of corruption, nepotism, implementation of wrong public policy strategies and frameworks and political greed.

We have a government that is willing to risk to develop our infrastructure and provide economic livelihood spaces for our people. But without solving this big cancers, no matter how much we try, all the development we are striving to achieve will come to naught.

This calls for an immediate honest dialogue in the real issues facing Kenya, and those issues have nothing to do with development. They have everything to do with our character as a people. Development is an automatic manifestation of sincere, honest good will. Something that most of the leaders we elect, don’t have.

It is prudent and crucial to note that these leaders are our fathers, mothers, sons and daughters whom we love and would protect at all cost. Their character reflect our character as a people. We get better, we elect better people, the simplest formula.  Impact Kenya as program is here to steer the conversation from the signs and symptoms of the Kenyan diseases to the root cause of their germination, our character as a people.

The main purpose of this program is to help us find ways and means of managing our relationships with each other and with public resources in order that all may benefit and develop to become better people.


At Impact Kenya, every national leadership move will be questioned and analyzed, every public policy decision scrutinized and the general public educated in order to help both the leader and the common man maintain tranquility and improve Kenya.

As the leader of this very simple team, I welcome you to journey with us.

Yours concerned Citizen,

Andrew O. A. Omogo

Uhuru and Raila 2

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  1. Caroline githia says:

    That true my bro,we have deadly diseases in our country Kenya,and we are totally bleeding .l like your point(the character of our leaders reflect our character. To me, this disease is caused by self-centered.
    And the fact is that ,we are fools coz we don’t know we are doing injustice to ourselves. For example, the mecury sugar our companies selling, if their clients consume and all die,who will be buying for them? Who is the victim in this case? Unless we love ourselves this disease will never be cured ,if we love ourselves then we will be able to love others ,then we will have a better Kenya.


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